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PrintTalking about Transitions

In this DVD, Patrick King helps you to explore exactly what takes place in your horse’s body when a transition happens – and gives you the tools to ensure that you can create responsive, balanced, and seamless transitions… EVERY TIME.

The horse can only understand the rider’s aids when they are given in time with his feet, so special attention is given to help you understand that timing, as well as which feet to specifically influence for the transition you are seeking.


Getting Started with Garrocha

The garrocha is a centuries old tool used originally during times of war, and later adapted by the Spanish to sort and handle cattle. The use of the garrocha was extremely helpful in the managing of the fighting bulls, and can still be seen in use today on some of the very traditional ranches of Spain, as well as during artistic displays of horsemanship and in some modern competitions.

Now, you can use the garrocha as a way to improve your horsemanship and your equitation. In this DVD, Patrick takes you through one of his “Getting Started with Garrocha” classes so that you can prepare yourself and your horse for success with the garrocha!


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