You want the chance to develop the best possible partnership between you and your horse, and you understand that there’s a difference between just riding with a clinician and receiving serious and continuous coaching.  Here’s a list of ways you can have Patrick join you along your journey…

Work directly with Patrick King

Regardless of the topic or specific focus, Patrick’s clinics and workshops are designed to help riders of all levels and all disciplines to achieve more with their equine partners.

One of the most important parts to any clinic or workshop, to Patrick, is the learning atmosphere.  In order for learning to take place, the riders and horses need to feel comfortable.  Through his unique blend of insight, humor, and support, Patrick puts everyone at ease from the moment the day starts and keeps everyone relaxed and engaged throughout.

But don’t be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere – Patrick takes the learning and progress of his students very seriously and does his best to ensure that each and every horse and rider team receive the focus, help, and feedback they need to make real progress toward their goals and to solve the troubles they may be having.



As often as possible, Patrick adds new articles to help you gain more understanding about horsemanship, both in theory and in practice.

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Great video snippets to help you along your horsemanship journey!

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Available DVDs

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