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Portugal Adventure 2020

The Portugal Experience with Patrick King Horsemanship is a comprehensive educational experience. We will be riding, watching demos, listening to lectures, and observing the training of young horses at the facility. In the evening, we will be discussing our rides, deconstructing our lessons, watching videos of our rides and strategizing ways in which we can bring what we are learning back home to our own horses. This is a ‘working’ experience in the sense that our days will be filled with lessons and learning from 9am until 7pm- or later- during our time at the riding center.

This is a unique experience that affords you the opportunity to make lifelong friendships. Our lessons are semi-private with one or two other participants. We will stay in a 3-star, modern hotel with two participants to each room. We will match you with another person in the group as a roommate as well as a riding partner and horse. Group cohesion is important to us, so rest assured that you will feel like you fit right in with everyone!

One of my mentors, Ray Hunt, used to have a great way of explaining the process that we go through when learning about great horsemanship. “You’ve got to give something you’ve never gave to get something you never had.” It’s hard to understand if we’re starting to soon or too late, doing too much or too little, or even expecting something before the time is right. That is what makes this experience with Valença so valuable. We are riding horses at the highest level, that will accept our mistakes and patiently wait for us while we learn.

These horses, these instructors, this experience… will change your life. You will gain a feel the many have never experienced. True lightness. True collection. Truly classical dressage.

You will be able to take this experience home with you to your own horses. This will allow you progress farther and faster than you may have imagined. I look forward to introducing you to these instructors. To these horses. To this amazing experience.

Our Portugal Experience 2020 is priced at $3900 and includes all lessons, excursions, day trips, tour guides, meals, snacks, and wine/ water. It does not include your airfare.

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