Balance In Hand

In Hand exercises help the horse both physically and mentally, developing them to be more strong, supple, and balanced in their body as well as calm and focused in their mind. 

​Through In Hand work, we teach the horse to be aware of his body, to bend evenly to both sides, and to move forwards, backwards, and laterally smoothly and softly. 

In Hand work is the next step beyond simple groundwork in teaching the horse skills for movement and correct responses to the same aids we will use while riding, encouraging stretching across the topline, lifting the back, and maintaining tempo and rhythm in movement.

This In Hand work is important for all disciplines, including trail riders and gaited breeds, and will improve the skills of any experience level rider – refining those of an experienced rider and teaching the feel of concepts such as a “half halt” or “moving from center” to a novice rider.

Learn how to use In Hand work with your horse in Patrick’s self-paced online course, Developing Balance In Hand.

>> Discover the exercises that are most important for your horse and learn to recognize when your horse is tense and  feel when they are calm and in balance.

>> Find the solution to the persistent problems you have been having in stiffness one direction, a difficult canter lead, head shy behavior and more.

>> Develop a deeper relationship with your horse, paying attention to their most subtle responses to understand where they are stiff, uncomfortable, or unsure, and find the confidence to guide them through, helping them find relaxation and softness.

>> Finally, feel the difference in your riding as the coordination and partnership to move through the In Hand exercises on the ground transfers into the saddle!

Each Lesson is broken into manageable videos so you can watch as little or as much as you have time for – and review specific lessons quickly and easily.

The course also includes lectures, patterns, a downloadable/printable workbook, a “follow along” bonus audio AND video coaching to help you and your horse along the path to in-hand success!

Join Patrick in his online course, Developing Balance In Hand, and help your horse to move and feel better, and unlock their athletic potential!

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