Video Coaching

img1468292155987For several years, Patrick has been coaching students virtually using platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dropbox.  This increases the frequency with which Patrick can help riders and their horses. Even when his schedule has him on the other side of the country, he can offer feedback and guidance for improvement – often helping to create lesson/training plans and evaluate the best “next move” in a horse’s development.

This has been a private service that Patrick has offered for a small number of students… up until now!  Now this same distance mentoring is being made available to students from around the globe.  Now is your chance…

About Video Coaching

Video coaching offers continuous guidance for riders/handlers and their horses, regardless of where they are located or how often Patrick may travel to their area.  (In fact, Patrick can coach you and your horse even if he has never ridden with you in person).  This is the next best thing to personally riding together.

This coaching is available for riders at virtually any level or discipline. In addition to many adult amateurs looking to better communicate and make more progress with their equine partners, a large number of Patrick’s students are professional trainers that are looking for deeper insight and guidance from a classical, psychological, and biomechanical perspective.

All you need to do is send Patrick a video of you and your horse.  He will watch your video and send you back a copy of your video with instructional voice-over


The cost for video coaching is $75 per video session.


Because Patrick wants to ensure he has sufficient time to dedicate to each video student, in coordination with his travel/teaching schedule, he is limiting the number of students he will accept into this program.  To coordinate your initial coaching session and payment, please send us an email at or call 724-858-8536