Jillian Kreinbring Course

Course 1 – Functional Anatomy – Nov 17-19, 2023

Mane Gait Equestrian Center, Natural Bridge, VA


Horse Owners, Riders, & Professionals: This Course is for you!

An eye opening and practical biomechanical lecture series for equestrians of all levels who want to learn more about how to train sound horses.

As a lifelong equestrian, Jillian Kreinbring’s passion has been shaped to focus on what is healthy for ridden horses. A desire to understand horses at a deeper level took her on a learning journey to discover how the horse’s functional anatomy creates dynamic riding posture.

About the Event: Course 1 – Functional Anatomy

Friday 12:30pm – 5:00pm

Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday 9:00am – 5:00pm

  • The 2 1⁄2 day in-depth lecture series explains healthy movement to provide the learner with the opportunity to develop their eye so they can see healthy and unhealthy postures.
  • To strengthen and enhance equine well-being, it is important to ride and exercise horses in healthy postures. Throughout this course, students will connect the why and how of balance and collection to understand how a horse’s anatomy, muscular development, and movement patterns affect his performance under saddle.
  • No Horse Required For This Class – C1 FA
  • Note: This class is a prerequisite for Jillian’s other courses. When students have this foundational information it will aid in the learning process for subsequent courses as well as for individual lessons.

Lunch is provided on Saturday and Sunday. Light snacks and drinks will be available throughout the entire course.

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About Jillian

With a vision to train and ride horses in accordance with sound functional anatomy and posture principles, Jillian Kreinbring’s goal is to balance the natural and anatomic forces within and between the horse and human for healthy movement and vital longevity.

Each horse is an individual with specific needs. Jillian’s approach is to support horses in achieving their highest and best. She does this by applying classical principles combined with current knowledge of equine functional anatomy, posture, and psychology. Jillian has committed herself to blend the best of these worlds over several years by studying both past and modern day masters. She is passionate about carrying forth this wisdom. Learn more about Jillian here.

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