Lectures and Seminars

In his quest to help riders and handlers at all levels, Patrick is constantly seeking new ways to impart the information that he has learned through the many years and many thousands of horses he was worked with.  Lectures have always been a very popular part of his clinics.  The topics covered have ranged from horsemanship philosophy, equine anatomy, biomechanics, bit function, and more.  Thanks to the encouragement of many students and clinic hosts, Patrick is now offering these lectures as “standalone” educational formats.

All lectures include audience interaction as well as a Q&A session.


Deeper Insights: The Science of Horsemanship  

To be successful in riding and developing our horses, it’s important that we understand the way that their minds work, and the ways that we can best relate to them. This lecture covers topics such as equine psychology and neurology, principles for behavior shaping and modification, rules and lies in horsemanship, aids vs cues, motivators for the horse, problem solving, how rider position affects understanding, and more.

(about 2 1/2 hours in length with Q&A)

Bits and Bitting – Understanding and Selection

Selecting the right bit for our horse can be such a daunting task!  There’s so much information floating around about what bit to use, when to use it, and why… but there’s very little information about HOW the bit ACTUALLY functions when used in your riding.  In this lecture, Patrick helps you to sort through the marketing and fluff that exists in bit selection.  Through the use and analysis of several different bits and other tools, you’ll come away from this lecture knowing how to evaluate any bit you might be considering – and actually be able to make appropriate selections for your horse.

(about 2 hours in length with Q&A)

Anatomy as it Relates to Balance and Collection

This lecture takes you deeper into the inner workings of the horse and helps you to develop an understanding of how balance and collection actually work within the horse’s body.  You’ll begin to better understand how the rider influences the balance and movement of the horse, and how this can be carried forward to help you achieve your horsemanship goals.

(about 3 hours in length with Q&A)

Understanding Lateral Work

Where? When? How much leg? What position? Which seat bone? And what do my hands do?! This lecture aims to give you a more solid understanding of the lateral work we would ask of a horse in order to develop suppleness, strength, engagement, and collection.

(about 2 hours in length)


Seminars can be set up in 2 ways:

1) A combination of all the above mentioned lectures.

2) A combination of morning lectures and afternoon “horse” sessions where Patrick schools horses and showcases the principles and ideas discussed during the lectures.

Scheduling lectures and seminars:

Formats currently include standalone lectures, as well as combinations of each topic.  Hosts can select the topics based on the interest in their area.  Patrick is also willing to create special lecture topics for your audience.  Contact us to discuss your ideas and to schedule a lecture in your area.

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