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Following the links below will take you to visit some of our friends, some of the products and businesses we like, and even some sites to just get you thinking.  Please understand that there is no way to create a manageable exhaustive list of the amazing people and products that we encounter. Patrick is happy to share more contacts and recommendations if you have any questions or specific needs.

Ray HuntThe Master of Communication. Ray and Carolyn played a large role in shaping Patrick’s horsemanship.  Ray was a cowboy with a mission… truly the horseman’s horseman.  Patrick tries to ride with Ray ‘in spirit’ every step of the way.  And you can’t hardly talk about Ray Hunt without mentioning Tom Dorrance and Bill Dorrance.  Patrick’s good friend Leslie Desmond helped Bill Dorrance to write his book, True Horsemanship Through Feel, and is a great resource for all insight involving horsemanship – make sure you get the chance to meet her along her travels!

Mark Russell, Natural Dressage – A master of equine biomechanics, a former student of Dressage Master Nuno Oliveira, author of “Lessons in Lightness,” and a great friend.  Mark really got Patrick’s eyes opened to the path he’s currently on.  Jillian Kreinbring is a great friend, and was also a student of Mark.  If you miss the chance to catch ANY of her courses, you are seriously missing out.  Seriously.  Get there.

Part of the teaching that Mark imparted to Patrick was insight into classical in-hand work. Patrick now has an entire online program dedicated to that.  The folks at Horse Class run that program, and it’s really a great program.  They also organize some programs for, among others, Wendy Murdoch, who has been a very good friend of Patrick’s for many years – as well as mentor and teacher.  Wendy is also the inventor of the Sure Foot Equine Stability Program, that is amazingly effective for body work, rehab, and mental-emotional centering for your horse.

Speaking of biomechanics, Jec Ballou is another amazing person to chat with and learn from about your horse’s fitness and physical development, in person, in print, and online.  And what list about biomechanics would be complete without mentioning Gerd Heuschmann, noted German veterinarian and biomechanics specialist that has shared in many podcast interviews with Patrick? Check out his books and information, too!

For several years, Patrick has been fielding riding intensives and tours in Portugal.  Sr Luis Valença is widely regarded as the greatest living classical master to date, and we are luck to call him and his family friends and teachers.  They also have a fantastic online program, Valença Academy, that you will love.  Patrick is in LOVE with Portugal and looks forward to taking you there on the adventure of a lifetime, to his “second home” at the Valença Equestrian Center, and for personalized intimate tours around the wonderful country!  We’ll also be sure to catch a visit to the infamous Portuguese Academy of Equestrian Art.

Sr Luis Valença was instrumental in helping Patrick to connect with another instrumental teacher, multi time Olympian, Rafael Soto, to become accepted to bring groups of serious riders to learn and ride at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.  The riding is serious. The learning is intense. And the adventure is fantastic!  Patrick looks forward to sharing it with you sometime!

Vitor Silva is another trainer, originally from Portugal, that now resides in the US that Patrick tries to ride with as much as possible.  He’s got great programs to help riders of every level to advance.

Charles de Kunffy is an incredibly influential teacher, an absolute living legend in classical dressage, and someone Patrick is fortunate enough to chat with frequently. And his protégé JJ Tate is someone Patrick also enjoys frequently chatting and collaborating with.

Julio Mendoza has been a long time coach and friend that Patrick enjoys working with and learning from as much as time and schedules allow, and introduced Patrick to La Mundial Custom Boots, from Ecuador, which Patrick is now the proud owner of several pairs. You’ll love them, too.

If you’ve been following Patrick for any length of time, you’ve likely heard him chatting online or seen him teaching with his very good friend Colton Woods.  Colton is a serious horseman and is someone Patrick loves to collaborate with and learn from.  Ariana Sakaris is another super talented and dedicated horsewoman Patrick loves to collaborate with, learn from, and share with.  Warwick Schiller is another fella that sits in that amazing group of friends/mentors/collaborators/thought leaders that Patrick loves to visit with every chance he gets. Surely you’ve seen his videos and listened to his podcasts?  (Patrick sure has some awesome friends, don’t you think??)

Every year, Patrick tries to support several great organizations and causes that work to improve the world for horses and riders. Two of these organization are Ride with Pride, in Virginia, and Heart Of Phoenix Equine Rescue, in West Virginia. Definitely check them both out and try to support them if you can.

A few tech mentions: The Pivo has proven to be a great tool to use for virtual lessons. Check it out for a robot cameraman that can follow you and keep you connected for live lessons from a distance.

Another amazing tool is the the Inner Balance heart/breath coherence tool from HeartMath. Patrick uses is for meditation, as well as to help students with anxiety and other stress induced challenges.

Extreme Mustang Makeover – Patrick was lucky enough to work with and compete with 2 Mustangs in this competition in 2009.

North American Western Dressage – this is a great group devoted to Western Dressage and educating riders about the benefits of it.  Already competing in Western Dressage? These guys have a TRAX program that you need to look into!  Western Dressage Association of America is another group. They are the “governing body” of Western Dressage, approved by the USEF.  This is the group that writes the rules for Western Dressage in competition and holds an annual Western Dressage World Show.

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