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Following the links below will take you to visit some of our friends, some of the products and businesses we like, and even some sites to just get you thinking…

Ray HuntThe Master of Communication. Ray and Carolyn played a large role in shaping Patrick’s horsemanship.  Ray was a cowboy with a mission… truly the horseman’s horseman.  Patrick tries to ride with Ray ‘in spirit’ every step of the way.

You can’t hardly talk about Ray Hunt without mentioning his friend and teacher, Tom Dorrance.  Patrick never got the chance to meet Tom, but stories Ray would tell about Tom were just amazing – any chance you get to hear about Tom or watch some of the video footage out there is worth the time to listen and watch.  Bill Dorrance was Tom’s brother, and also one heckuva hand.

North American Western Dressage – this is a great group devoted to Western Dressage and educating riders about the benefits of it.  Already competing in Western Dressage? These guys have a TRAX program that you need to look into!

Western Dressage Association of America – the “governing body” of Western Dressage, approved by the USEF.  This is the group that writes the rules for Western Dressage in competition and holds an annual Western Dressage World Show.

Chyczewski Saddlery – A true saddle artist and a great guy.  Patrick and Mitch have put their heads together to create a great new Western Dressage saddle!


Mark Russell, Natural Dressage – A master of equine biomechanics, a former student of Dressage Master Nuno Oliveira, author of “Lessons in Lightness,” and a great friend.  If you get a chance to ride with Mark or audit one of his clinics, don’t hesitate to be there.

Extreme Mustang Makeover – Patrick was lucky enough to work with and compete with 2 Mustangs in this competition in 2009.