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These fit a large variety of horses because of their adjustability. I’ve had them on everything from small faced large ponies and Arabs to draft crosses. The noseband is a shapeable metal that is padded and covered. This offers stability and clarity, while still allowing an adjustable fit.

The jawpiece is completely removable to allow full jaw mobility when the horse needs to yawn/release/etc. Because of the way everything is balanced and connects, I often work without the jawpiece.

The crown is wide to better support the poll, and contoured to give freedom to the ear muscles and TMJ on most horses.

The cheek straps are connected with a ring for stability and adjustability, while preventing the sides from pulling up into the eye.

They are available in black, dark brown, and medium brown, and come with matching 6′ in-hand lead.


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Cavesson Color

Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown