Understanding Lateral Work MASTERCLASS * JULY 24




Are you wanting to improve your lateral work? Want to get started but not sure what to do first? Need to start incorporating lateral work to improve your horse’s fitness and enhance collection?

This UNDERSTANDING LATERAL WORK MASTERCLASS is a multi-week interactive Masterclass course designed to help you understand more about the function and application of lateral work, AND help you to begin teaching it to your horse! With the introductory LIVE lecture, 4 breakdown video modules, PLUS follow up LIVE Q&As, you’ll have the necessary basics to get started and find success with lateral work with YOUR HORSE (and other horses, too!), and coaching to ensure that you are understanding and making progress. Patrick is even including a few special bonus videos in this MASTERCLASS to help you find more finesse and future success with your lateral work.

Find lightness, engagement, confidence, connection, throughness, balance and MUCH MORE when you start incorporating lateral work into your training sessions…. all while creating a better relationship with your horse and developing more skills to be a more aware, more effective, and more confident rider.


Patrick has taken his current most popular in-person and online lecture, Understanding Lateral Work, and turning it into a multi week interactive MASTERCLASS to help you not only to understand the lateral work but also teach it to your horse!

EARLYBIRD PRICING of only $48 until July 14!  After July 14, the full price for this Masterclass is $97.


When you purchase access to this Masterclass, you’ll receive an email receipt.  That receipt will contain a link to a special Facebook group. You’ll request to join this group using the ORDER/INVOICE NUMBER on your purchase receipt that will come to your email (make sure to check the spam folder, in case it lands there on accident).

The introductory LIVE lecture will happen in the Facebook group. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and interact during the lecture, and you’ll be able to review it afterwards if you want to take more notes, or in case you aren’t able to catch it live when it happens.

Following the live lecture, the first video module will release into the guides section of the group. Each week there is a Q&A (through Zoom) that you can ask questions, troubleshoot ideas, etc, and then the next video module will be released for you to learn from and work on with your horse.


This Masterclass begins with Patrick’s popular lecture, Understanding Lateral Work, on July 24th at 6pm (eastern), and then continues with a video each week diving into each movement, showing you how to ask and how to develop with your horse. Each week there will be a LIVE Q&A where Patrick will discuss each movement individually and answer your questions about teaching and applying the movements with your horse.

Regardless of the saddle you sit in, the discipline you ride, or the breed your horse is, this masterclass will give you the tools and knowledge to develop your lateral work in a way that is easy to understand, systematic, and progressive.

Introductory Lecture: UNDERSTANDING LATERAL WORK (July 24 at 6pm eastern)

MODULE 1: Leg Yielding

  • Follow up Q&A (August 1 at 6pm eastern)

MODULE 2: Shoulder In

  • Follow up Q&A (August 8 at 6pm eastern)

MODULE 3: Haunches In

  • Follow up Q&A (August 15 at 6pm eastern)

MODULE 4: Half Pass

  • Follow up Q&A (August 22 at 6pm eastern)

You’ll have time to watch each video, work with your horse, and come to the Q&As prepared to get help with your challenges.  You’ll even have the opportunity to submit videos of you and your horse for discussion.  Can’t make it to the LIVE broadcasts? No worries – you’ll be able to submit your questions ahead of time and watch the replays of each video and each Q&A throughout the entire duration of the class and beyond.

Lecture and video announcements will be made in the group to keep you updated and reminded of when everything is happening and available.  Videos are available and Q&As happen each week until the final video module’s Q&A.  After that, you can still ask questions and submit videos for review/coaching, and you’ll have forever access to all the content.


That’s totally fine. Replays will be posted so that you don’t miss anything. PLUS, you can submit your questions ahead of time to make sure that you get answers to help support your progress.