Moving Into the Bridle, In-Hand Work MASTERCLASS *July 23, 2022




Have you started your classical work in hand in the cavesson or halter? Want to move things up a notch and begin working in the bridle? Want to get started but not sure what to do first?

This MOVING INTO THE BRIDLE, IN-HAND WORK MASTERCLASS is a multi-week interactive Masterclass course designed to help you understand more about the classical work in hand, AND help you to begin utilizing the bridle in your in-hand work with your horse! With the introductory LIVE lecture, 4 breakdown video modules, PLUS follow up LIVE Q&As, you’ll have the necessary basics to get started and find success with In-Hand work in the bridle with YOUR HORSE (and other horses, too!), and coaching to ensure that you are understanding and making progress. Patrick will even include a couple special bonus videos in this MASTERCLASS to help you find more finesse and future success with your In-Hand work.

Find softness, relaxation, confidence, connection, throughness, balance and MUCH MORE when you start incorporating In-Hand work into your training sessions…. all while creating a better relationship with your horse and developing more skills to be a more aware, more effective, and more confident rider.

EARLYBIRD PRICING of only $48 until July 14!  After July 14, the full price for this Masterclass is $97.


When you purchase access to this Masterclass, you’ll receive a link to a special Facebook group. You’ll request to join this group using the ORDER/INVOICE NUMBER on your purchase receipt that will come to your email (make sure to check the spam folder, in case it lands there on accident).

The introductory LIVE lecture will happen in the Facebook group. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and interact during the lecture, and you’ll be able to review it afterwards if you want to take more notes, or in case you aren’t able to catch it live when it happens.

Following the live lecture, the first video module will release into the guides section of the group. Each week there is a Q&A (through Zoom) that you can ask questions, troubleshoot ideas, etc, and then the next video module will be released for you to learn from and work on with your horse.


Introductory Lecture: UNDERSTANDING THE ROLE OF THE BRIDLE WITH IN-HAND WORK (July 23 at 6pm eastern)

MODULE 1: Reviewing the Basic Work and Introducing the Bridle

  • Follow up Q&A (August 1 at 8pm eastern)

MODULE 2: The Basic Work, in the Bridle

  • Follow up Q&A (August 8 at 8pm eastern)

MODULE 3: Making the Connection

  • Follow up Q&A (August 15 at 8pm eastern)

MODULE 4: Lifting and Lightening

  • Follow up Q&A (August 22 at 8pm eastern)



That’s totally fine. Replays will be posted so that you don’t miss anything. PLUS, you can submit your questions ahead of time to make sure that you get answers to help support your progress.


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