Unlocking Your Horse In Hand – DVD


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In this DVD, Patrick is joined by a small group of students with various backgrounds, as well as horses of various breeds and types. The focus of this class is “unlocking their horses, in hand” by introducing them to the basics of classical in-hand work. This class (and this DVD) is simply an introduction, to give a taste for unlocking the horses in hand. You’ll see the successes of each student, as they well as their struggles so that you might learn from each experience.

Exercises include: Mobilizing the Jaw, Finding the Stretch, Accessing the Base of the Neck, Shoulders-In, Counter Shoulders-In, and Engaging the Hindquarters.

**Please note, for more updated work and a complete program for your in-hand work, Patrick has a new online resource:

*This is not a “foundation groundwork” DVD, but rather an “intermediate” DVD to give you help with your horse after the foundation is in place.

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