2022 is reflecting some changes in the schedule.  Namely, more time at home developing some personal horses and teaching from our wonderful new home base facility in Natural Bridge, VA.  We are offering individual haul in lessons at home, as well as clinics and longer intensive learning opportunities.  Contact us directly to schedule those by emailing

Because of this change in the schedule, we are currently unable to accept new hosts in most areas, and Patrick is limited in how many times he can teach in each location each year.  If you are intersted in riding/working with Patrick in a clinic, we recommend reaching out to clinics hosts as soon as possible, as most clinics fill very quickly and hold a waiting list.

With a focus on the classical principles of both dressage and western horsemanship, and the psychological needs of the horses, Patrick’s clinics are popular among riders that are wanting to add refinement and precision to their horsemanship – regardless of their current level of development or their horse’s breed.  With his unique blend of insight, humor, and support, Patrick set’s the tone for his clinics and workshops such that every rider feels at ease and ready to work.

“This was the BEST clinic I have ever been to! For the past two years, I have been to many clinics.  I took more home from this clinic than ever.  Patrick has many gifts.  He understands the horse and rider, and he is a teacher… I feel like I have the missing piece from the puzzle.”  – Kelly D

Contact us at to inquire about hosting a clinic, workshop, or seminar in your area.

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